Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre

tel: +353 (01) 6777 510     email: visitorcentre@waterwaysireland.org

About Us


The Waterways Ireland Visitors Centre is affectionately known as the 'the box in the docks' due to its unique appearance.
The centre will bring you on an informative journey of the waterways from the pre-Christian period to its modern use.
Our exhibition contains child friendly inter-actives, environmental displays and much more...

The building is acclaimed for it's architectural merit, is built on water and accessed by way of a footbridge from the quay wall.
Built in 1993, it was designed and built to represent a nautical theme-
the round windows, the open aspect of the guardrails and the wooden decking of the walkway suggest this theme.
The floor level windows give the impression that the building is moving through water when the water is viewed through them.